Chamomile for the Gut: Paper review (and some Didacticism about Prescriptive vs Descriptive Communication)

As shown in Jabri et al., Matricaria recutita L. (German chamomile) has been shown to improve gut metabolism during aspirin-induced intestinal inflammation. The freed radical hypothesis of aging is implicitly noted in the paper. An HPLC-MS analytical chemistry method is taken to approach the subject of organic chemistry. Metabolites of German chamomile (post-extraction) are identified and some notable compounds include a caffeine derivative, alcohols of common compounds, and isomers of one another. Other analysis is provided in this journal of Royal Chemistry. One possible conclusions may be that chamomile stimulates gut bacteria with the appropriate metabolites to rarefy the exotic compounds found in common pain killers.

Some notes on didacticism:

  • researching the problem
  • researching the solution